Instructions for Configuring Customizations to the new BiQuery Server 

Read the following instructions thoroughly on how to migrate existing customizations to the new BiQuery Server.  

- Open BI Query/User, and this time select ‘Local Data Model’

- Open the Dataw.gqu ‘C:\Program Files\Hummingbird BI\Downloaded Documents\Dataw\User.’ You should now see your personalizations again (buttons, etc.)

- From the toolbar menu on BI Query/User, select ‘File->Publish.’ Leave all the boxes checked for ‘Queries,’ ‘Data Values,’ and ‘Connection Docs,’ however uncheck the box for ‘Reports'

- Click Publish. This will publish all of your queries into the new repository.
Note: If you have not created any reports then you are now finished with the upgrade process. 

Note:  If you have personal reports that have never been published to the repository:  Open Reports ->Tools->Bi Suite->BI Query Reports. Open and publish each report sequentially to the repository.  

When complete, close Bi-Query.

Finally, Re-Open Bi-Query and this time select 'Repository Data Model' from the repository from the new server BiQuery.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact the Administrative Computing Services helpdesk at ext. 4444 or email