Administrative Applications Supports    
ADMCS provides centralized computing services for the WWU campus; faculty, staff and students. The main phone numbers and office locations for contacting ADMCS are listed below.

All offices are located in Administrative Computing, 333 32nd Street on the 2nd floor.

Two University Help Resources are Available:
Administrative Computing Operations provides primarily but not exclusively support for administrative applications, maintaining the latest status on all central computers and provides support for administrative host connectivity.

Academic Technology and User Services supports primarily academic computing. ATUS Help Desk provides computer user support for academic and instructional functions and desktop applications. The following is a more detailed list of the basic services provided by each. See the ATUS Home Page for more information on the ATUS Help Desk services.

Operational Services:
ATUS Help Desk Services (partial list):
Contact ADMCS: Email, Other Send comments to: Bob Schneider, Director ADMCS