Contact the ATUS @ x4444
if you need assistance.


Password Guidelines

You will be required to change your Hydra, Gecko and Banner passwords periodically for security reasons. Your password should be obscure and must be at least 8 characters long.  In addition, you must have at least one number and a special character within the first 8 characters of your password.  A mixture of upper and lowercase letters is recommended.  Do not use  words, license plate #, your PIN #, WWU ID #, Social Security # and other "secret" code #s etc: given to you.

The Hydra, Gecko and Banner passwords must be changed at least once every four months (120 days).  The Hydra passwords can not be changed more frequently than once every 30 days.  If you need to change your Hydra password within this time period, please contact the ADMCS at x4444.

Do not give your password to anyone! Do not write it down!

UISAP/TISAP passwords:  If you decide to use special characters in your password, you need to restrict them to one or more of the following:

  • Each password must contain a minimum of eight (8) characters
  • You must use at least one character from each of the following character types:
    • Upper or lower case text
    • Numbers
    • The special characters ~ ! % * _ - { } [ ] ? , .
  • No English language dictionary words may be used.
  • No part of your name may be used.
  • No part of your USERID may be used.
  • Do not use your phone number or room number.

Note: It is recommended that you use the same guidelines for setting your Novell password if you want your Hydra/Windows/Novell passwords to match.