Configuring the Putty SSH Client

Setting up WWIS (
note: follow same procedures for Banner PPRD

Getting started
- Go to X drive  software\Putty folder
- drag the Putty.exe file to your desktop
- double click on the Putty.exe file and perform the following steps:

1 enter in the Host Name:
enter Port #: 22
select SSH
enter a description e.g. Banner WWIS ( Banner Prod, WWIS etc:)

5 click on the Window Translation option
click on the Received data drop down box tab

7 select character set: UTF-8

8 click on Session
click on Save button

Starting the Putty session

10 click on the saved session name that you created
11 double click on the Banner WWIS session name or the Open button to launch the SSH session


* to ensure that you have configured the client Translation option  to UTF-8
- click on the Banner WWIS saved session
- click on  the Window Translation option


Page Updated 09.06.2018