PC Software

File transfers/downloads
Installing software
Software questions
Word, Excel, Outlook. Mac OS, etc.

Help Desk x3333
PC Hardware Equipment Failure (Microcomputers, printers, etc.) Computer Maintenance x3059 or 3959
NETWORK Connecting to the Network
Installing network software
Network problems, such as disk space error, etc
Help Desk x3333
Hydra Login/logout, kill connection, file transfers, Hydra printing.
- Connecting / disconnecting
(Login / Delete Login requests, Banner Icons, Hydra connection problem, stuck or slow processes, stuck terminals or screens)
Downloads/file transfers
File not being created or permission problem
Hydra printer questions or problem
(location or name of printer, job not printing, move, remove, restart job)
Oracle Errors
Help Deskx4444
General questions or problems
Access to a system
How to: enter data, run a report
Process data / processing problems, Data usage
See Below
: Alumni, Donors, Parents of Students
  Banner Finance:
General Access, Navigation through query forms, Reporting questions, Departmental data uploads
Help Desk x5890
  Central Stores Central Stores x2988
  Etc/Etc Menu Items (printer management, change password) Help Desk x4444
  Human Resources/Web Employee Information
General questions or problems, reports/data usage
General questions about Personnel Action, Position Control or  Student Employment Affairs
Permanent Staff
Temporary Staff/Student
Retirement Insurance
HR Hot Line x6543


x7718 or x7664
x7763 or x7713

  SQL questions ADMCS x4514
  Student – Catalog/Schedule preparation  
  Student System – Registrar’s Office
Schedule/Catalog data input, report printing, navigation help line  x7687 – from 8-12
For System Access: supervisor should request via email, specifying form(s) to Taya Winter
Registrar’s Office x3430


  Student Accounts Student Accounts x2866
  Student Financial Aid
General Questions
Processing Problems/System Access
Student Financial Resources x3470

Jean Meyer, x3039

Misc. For phone book updates & corrections Telecommunications x3600

ADMCS: Administrative Computing Services, x4514,

ATUS: Academic Technology User Services, x3333,

Revised 09/11/2009