Board Operations

Members of the Leadership Board shall be individuals of stature who are actively supportive of the College of Sciences and Technology and its departments and programs.

The Board consists of 20 - 25 distinguished alumni and friends who have interests in College programs and initiatives, who bring a broad and visionary outlook to the Board, and who represent the diverse interests of the College.

Members are expected to be active supporters of the College and be willing to assist the College in securing such support from others outside the Board.

Members will be selected by the Dean in consultation with Board’s Executive Committee, based on recommendations from Board members, college faculty, and the college development officer.

The term of appointment may be a one, two or three-year term, determined by the Dean, at the time of appointment.  Approximately one-third of the Board shall be selected every year.  Board members will not normally serve for more than two terms except for members holding Board offices at the time of expiration of their second term.

The Dean and Associate Dean shall serve as ex-officio members.  Ex-officio members shall have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities as regular members.

The Board officers shall consist of a President and a Vice-President, each selected by the members of the Board.  The President shall preside at all meetings and perform all other functions appropriate to the office.  The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the chair and perform such other duties as the President may request.

Meetings will be held on the WWU campus at times as designated by the Dean in consultation with the Board Chair.  It is expected that there will be two meetings per year, typically during the fall and spring quarters of the academic year.  Members are expected to attend at least one meeting per year.

Board members will receive the annual schedule for the Board meetings during the summer.  Notice of specific meeting agenda and supporting materials will be sent to the Board in advance of each meeting.

Minutes shall be taken by a staff secretary, designated by the Dean, who need not be a member of the Board.  Copies of minutes will be provided to all members.

The Board may create or dissolve standing or ad hoc committees, as it deems necessary, and may designate their duties.  Committees may include nominating, corporate/foundation, special events/stewardship, and planned giving, and others as needed.