The committee advises the Dean on the strategic planning issues related to the technical resources of the College of Sciences and Technology.  Such matters include scientific instrumentation, equipment, faculty and staff computers, servers, laboratories supported by University level student fees, physical facilities, technical support personnel, relationships with other campus entities including: Scientific and Technical Services, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Huxley College, the Shannon Point Marine Center, and Academic Technology User Services (ATUS). 

Each department of the college is eligible to select one member for the committee, according to a procedure approved by the Dean.  The chair of the Computer Science Department, or his/her designee, is always a member of this committee.  Department chairs are eligible to serve on this committee.  If none of the members selected by departments is from SMATE, then SMATE may select one member. The term of service is two years.  No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms, except the chair of the Computer Science Department.  The committee will elect its own chair from its members for a term of two years.  The committee will appoint the chair of Computer Science and one other committee member as representatives to the Academic Technology Committee (ATC) (with the at-large member having a term of two years).  The committee will also appoint from its members liaison members to other university or college committees as needed.  The Associate Dean and Assistant to the Dean of CST serve as non-voting members, as does the Director of CST’s Networking and Computer Services.


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