Dean of Students Welcome

To the Students

Students at Red Square

Photo credit: Nate Marino

As Dean of Students I am passionate about supporting you in a diverse learning environment that reflects a global thinking and living community. Our commitment is for you to learn and grow in ways that simulate global societies. I have genuine compassion for people and sincerely want to contribute to your development and the development of our communities we learn, live in and share. Many times I may be in the role of a teacher; yet simultaneously, I am always a student and learn from you as well. Lifelong learning is my own personal mantra.

As students, I would encourage you to get involved! Your college years will be some of the most treasured ones. Make these years memorable by getting involved in a club, Associated Students program/organization, KUGS, KVIK-TV, Western’s Leadership Advantage or the Associated Students government. You are part of Western’s community, identity and development. you are part of our evolving history and commitment to engagement in community. You are the responsible citizens globally and our world’s future.

To the Parents

Welcome to Western Washington University. We know your sons and daughters transition, care and membership in the WWU community is important to you. Many of us are parents. We have had our own journey to a university setting and understand the hard work, deposit, love and commitment made to get them here. As Dean of Students, my emphasis is on the development of students, making sure they are provided every opportunity to receive the most comprehensive education in a safe environment.

Along with the institution, I bring a commitment that students are afforded a quality developmental and learning experience while at Western. Community and personal safety as well as activities that engage, develop and inspire students are all important components of the Dean of Students Administrative Unit. Our leadership mirror the values and mission of the University. You will find these values reflected in the programs that are present in Student Life, Judicial Affairs, Leadership Development, the Viking Union/Student Activities, and in the advising of the Associated Students Board of Directors.

We collaborate across the university to ensure good communication and to reflect the pulse of issues that impact students within the University community. Strong relations with University Police, the Bellingham Police Department and other campus and community agencies ensure fast, effective communication and the best response when needed. As the Dean of Students, I am part of the leadership of the Crisis Management Team for Western Washington University. We work along with other committed professionals to ensure we are proactive in our thinking, trends in student behavior, crime awareness/prevention, statistics, and progressive methods for ensuring peace, safety and a secure environment. I lead with others in a core team of people who are delegated authority to make decisions concerning the health, safety, and well-being of university constituencies.

As alum of Western, I can say with great confidence that I am part of one of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the country. Western has a firm and virtually undeniable commitment to quality undergraduate education, as evidenced by our institutional mission statement, which is strongly endorsed and supported by our President, administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees.

Thank you,

Ted Pratt
Theodore W. Pratt, Jr.
Dean of Students

Page Updated 12.27.2016