Exam Accommodations

Faculty will receive an emailed accommodation letter for students who qualify and are approved for exam accommodations through DRS. A link to an online testing contract is included in the accommodation email. Please follow the link and complete the contract as soon as possible. If a course section contains multiple students who qualify for exam accommodations, the initial completed testing contract will automatically duplicate for the remaining students. DRS does not begin proctoring exams for a student until the testing contract is submitted. DRS adheres strictly to WWU's Academic Honesty policy and procedure. Exam accommodations may consist of several components, including:

Quiet Testing Environment

Students receiving this accommodation qualify for a testing environment that is free from several of the distractions encountered within a larger classroom.

Additional Time

Students receiving this accommodation are permitted additional time to complete quizzes and exams. As a standard, DRS provides 100% additional time to students who qualify for this accommodation. If the amount of additional time allotted is different than 100%, due to an individualized accommodation, DRS will contact the faculty. Because this accommodation extends the length of the exam beyond the length of the class meeting, DRS proctors exams with additional time in our testing space. DRS staff note the time a student begins an exam and enforce time limits accordingly.

Scribes and Readers

Students receiving this accommodation utilize an impartial aid to access exam content. Readers simply read the exam text aloud to the student. Scribes capture the accommodated student’s responses or diagrams verbatim.


Students receiving this accommodation are approved to use a computer in our testing space either because they require assistive technology to complete their exam. DRS carefully proctors computer stations.

Canvas exams, if administered to all students in the course in a proctored environment, may be taken in the DRS testing space. Canvas provides a tutorial on how to extend exam time for individual students. If you need additional assistance, please contact ATUS at (360) 650-3333.

If Canvas exams or quizzes are administered as take-home exams for all other students in the course, then students with disabilities may elect to also complete these exams from home. Additional time accommodations must be extended for take-home exams. Students who require assistive technology or other support that is not available to them outside of DRS may elect to complete a take-home exam in the DRS testing space.

Exam Accommodation Responsibilities

Before the exam, students agree to:

•        Arrive on time for scheduled exams.
•        Leave all personal items (backpacks, coats, hats, purses, cellular phones, etc.) outside the testing room.
•        Take only those materials authorized by the professor into the testing room.
•        Bring all allowed materials (calculator, pencils, etc.) needed to take the exam.
•        Check-in for the exam either by swiping a Western ID card or by providing a W# to the testing staff.

When taking exams, students agree to:

•        Monitor their time and turn in their exams to the testing center desk before calculated time has expired.
•        Check their exams and notify testing staff immediately if there is a problem with the exam (missing pages, wrong test, etc).
•        Abide by the university’s academic honesty policies.
•        Return any borrowed equipment.
•        Check-out from the exam by either swiping a Western ID card or by providing a W# to the testing staff.
•        Refrain from discussing the exam with any other students in the class.

DRS has a zero-tolerance policy for cell phones and other personal electronic devices. Students must turn these items off and place them on the backpack shelf before they will receive an exam.


Page Updated 11.22.2017