Exam Accommodations

Students who qualify and are approved for exam accommodations through DRS will present faculty with an accommodation letter as well as a proctored exam form. DRS does not begin proctoring exams for a student until the proctored exam form is signed by the appropriate faculty member and returned to our office. DRS adheres strictly to WWU's Academic Honesty policy and procedure. Exam accommodations may consist of several components, including:

Quiet testing environment

Students receiving this accommodation qualify for a testing environment that is free from several of the distractions encountered within a larger classroom.

100% extra time (double the time)

Students receiving this accommodation are permitted double the time to complete quizzes and exams. Because this accommodation extends the length of the exam beyond the length of the class meeting, DRS proctors exams with additional time in our testing space. DRS staff note the time a student begins an exam and enforce time limits accordingly.

Use of a scribe and/or reader

Students receiving this accommodation utilize an impartial aid to access exam content. Readers simply read the exam text aloud to the student. Scribes capture the accommodated student’s responses or diagrams verbatim.

Use of a computer (for word processing or to take an exam in electronic format)

Students receiving this accommodation are approved to use a computer in our testing space either because they are word processing, rather than handwriting, a response or because they are taking an exam in an electronic format. Computer stations are strictly monitored to ensure that internet browsing does not transpire (unless it is permitted as part of the exam).

DRS has a zero-tolerance policy for cell phones and other personal electronic devices. Students must turn these items off and place them on the backpack shelf before they will receive an exam.

Page Updated 05.17.2013