Western Faculty are important members of the DRS team when academic accommodations directly involve the classroom and classroom activities. We aim to partner with faculty at WWU in order to ensure student success. Western is the educational home to over 800 undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities across all academic programs.

The only time a faculty member is notified of a classroom accommodation is when the student has requested disability accommodation for the specific course and the student meets the eligibility criteria required to be approved by DRS for accommodation and the accommodation requires faculty involvement.

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How am I notified that a student needs accommodation?

Accommodation Letter: The Accommodation Letter is generated in disAbility Resources for Students by office staff and the student is to hand deliver the letter to you during your office hours. The letter is in a standard format individualized to identify the course, quarter, date of production, instructor and student information along with accommodation(s) listed that will require faculty assistance. All letters will have an original signature. We encourage our student to contact you during office hours, or as arranged, to present the letter and any additional forms. This first contact is an opportunity for you and the student to discuss the details of the course, expectations, methods of communication for the term, address concerns and create solutions.

Service Notification E-Mail: If DRS personnel such as transcribers, captionists and/or sign language interpreters will be present in your classroom, you will receive a service notification e-mail that describes the type of service, expectations and helpful tips on working with special service providers and students who need them.

Special Accommodation E-Mail: Sometimes the nature of the accommodation, urgency, or sensitivity regarding the condition or student situation requires an individualized e-mail that specifically addresses what accommodation(s) will be needed. Special accommodation e-mails are sent directly from a DRS staff person to you under a confidential subject line.

**Off-Campus/Online Note: ALL accommodation requests involving students with disabilities in off-campus and/or online programs are delivered via e-mail under a confidential subject line.

Reasonable Accommodation

Faculty will sometimes be asked to work with a student to determine reasonable parameters for an accommodation, such as flexibility with deadlines or flexibility with attendance. DRS uses the following guidelines to determine reasonability of accommodation parameters. Faculty are encouraged to contact DRS if they have any questions or concerns about particular accommodations.

Reasonable Accommodation means a modification or adjustment that enables a qualified student with a disability to enjoy equal access to WWU’s academic programs, services, or activities without altering fundamental requirements of that academic program, service, or activity, and without creating an undue hardship for the university.

Undue Hardship means an excessively costly, extensive, substantial, or disruptive modification, or one that would fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the institution.

Page Updated 06.30.2015