DRS Mission Statement

The primary mission of disAbility Resources for Students is to ensure equal access for students with disAbilities to all curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered by Western Washington University. Through ensuring equal access, disAbility Resources for Students must:

  • Provide leadership to the Western Washington University community to enhance understanding and support of disAbility Resources for Students;
  • Provide guidance to the Western Washington University community to ensure compliance with legal requirements for access;
  • Establish a clear set of policy and procedure that define the responsibilities of both Western Washington University and the person eligible for accommodations;
  • Regularly review legal guidelines and change policy and procedure accordingly;
  • Regularly assess and review office services, programs, and efforts to ensure that they meet the goals of the disAbility Resources for Students mission.

In order to accomplish the mission, disAbility Resources for Students must:

  • Ensure that qualified individuals with disAbilities receive reasonable and appropriate accommodations so as to have equal access to all Western Washington University programs and services regardless of the type and extent of the disAbility;
  • Possess a clear set of policies and procedures ;
  • Inform the Western Washington University community about the location of disAbility Resources for Students, the availability of equipment and technology helpful to those with disAbilities, and identification of key individuals at Western Washington University who can provide services to students with disAbilities;
  • Define and describe the procedures of obtaining services and accommodations;
  • Provide guidance and training for WWU staff and faculty members in the understanding of disAbility issues and the clarification of services offered through disAbility Resources for Students;
  • Advocate for equal access, accommodations, and respect for students with disAbilities within the Western Washington University community.
Page Updated 11.22.2017