Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) supports Western Washington University's academic mission through the planning, development, maintenance and operation of Western's facilities and grounds.

This support is accomplished through leadership, teamwork, and our commitment to quality customer service for the Western Washington University community.

Facilities Management (FM) group photo for May 2011

Guide To Services

Our "Guide to Services" booklet is intended to be a quick reference guide – answering some frequently asked questions and helping you understand our services at Facilities Management.

Our services include:

  • Construction and renovation services on minor capital construction projects.
  • Construction, renovation and maintenance services to Auxiliary Departments.
  • Custodial cleaning of state-owned facilities.
  • Development of the Backlog of Maintenance and Repair Reduction Plan(BMAR).
  • Maintenance and repair of state owned facilities and grounds.
  • Management of Western's energy and building control systems.
  • Management of Western's utilities.
  • Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Participation in the 10 Year Capital Plan and Operating Budget.
  • Responsibility for assuring compliance with federal, state and municipal laws, and collective bargaining agreements governing the existence and operation of the university's facilities.

FM must be involved in any plans for altering and/or adding to structures and grounds. All modifications and connections to utility systems (water, sewer, electrical, gas, compressed air, or steam) either inside or outside buildings must be made by FM personnel or licensed professionals under their guidance.

Our clients include:

  • Department chairs and directors.
  • Faculty, students and staff.
  • Western's neighboring citizens.
  • Washington State Legislature.
  • Western Washington University Board of Trustees, President, Vice Presidents, Provost and Deans.

Facilities Management services are divided into funded and chargeable activities.

  • Funded services are provided without charge and are supported through operating funds appropriated by the state legislature. Funded services include those for the operation and maintenance of academic facilities, utilities, and grounds and generally include any item that is permanently attached, plumbed and/or wired to a facility.
  • Chargeable services are supported by direct charges to the client requesting services and include those for remodeling; new construction; vehicle lease; and maintenance of University Residences, Associated Students and related auxiliary facilities. Chargeable services also include those for the repair or maintenance of movable equipment. See Who Pays for Maintenance throughout Campus to more fully understand exceptions to state funded maintenance that are chargeable services.

A complete listing of funded and chargeable services is available by calling the Work Control Center at (360) 650-3420.

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