District Descriptions

During the development of the Institutional Master Plan document, the campus was divided into twenty three districts based on existing and proposed land use. The district delineations were intended as planning tools only and helped facilitate the examination of character issues within each district. Character goals and development recommendations were created for each district along with the rationale associated with those recommendations.

In keeping with the positive character patterns and principles identified in the "Character Study," charrette in January 2000, this section goes one step beyond the IMP and further defines those character elements unique to each district that are to be maintained or enhanced, as well as existing conditions that represent patterns or principles to be avoided and/or corrected. Districts that warrant the most careful attention are those that are a) essentially undeveloped, or b) on the periphery of campus and adjacent to other city neighborhoods.

District 1 District 7 District 13 District 19
District 2 District 8 District 14 District 20
District 3 District 9 District 15 District 21
District 4 District 10 District 16 District 22
District 5 District 11 District 17 District 23
District 6 District 12 District 18



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