Campus Standards & Guidelines

Introductory text including:

  • Purpose:
    1. Support goals and objectives of relevant planning documents (IMP/DCMP/NP, etc.)
    2. Help facilitate the design and construction process
    3. Promote ease of operation and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds
    4. Accommodate future renovations and alterations
    5. Ensure that work on campus results in a functional, integrated whole, compatible with its surroundings and furthering the mission of the institution
  • Scope:
    Standard and enforceable design guidelines for all design and construction work done on campus for use by in-house staff (architects, engineers, shops, etc.) and consultants. A coordinated effort between Facilities Design, & Construction Administration and Maintenance & Operations (change to reflect terminology on FM home page?) with input from other campus departments such as University Residences and Telecommunications. Identification of Western owned properties located in other neighborhoods (32nd Street Building, Armory, etc.).

  • Format (How to Use Standards) i.e. "Planning principles" covers elements relevant to campus as a whole, "District Descriptions" describes individual descriptions and unique character elements, "Product Specifications" contains technical specifications for standard campus products.

  • Revision Procedure (provide hot link to a revision form?)

  1. Planning Principles
  2. District Descriptions
  3. Product Standards



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