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Guide to Services at Facilities Management

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Summary of Services
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Facilities Management (FM) supports Western’s academic mission through the maintenance and operation of the campus buildings and grounds. This includes building renovations and repairs, utilities, vehicle maintenance, custodial services and grounds maintenance.

FM has the responsibility for assuring University compliance with federal, state and city laws as well as ensuring adherence to collective bargaining agreements. As a state-owned institution, we have special conditions and building code requirements that do not apply to private homeowners. Our aging buildings contain lead and asbestos, specialized laboratory support systems and utility distribution lines – all of which require specific expertise to be managed safely.

The specialization of our many facilities requires FM to be involved in any plans for modifying, altering and/or adding to structures and grounds. All modifications and connections to utility systems (water, sewer, electrical, gas, compressed air, or steam) either inside or outside buildings must be made by FM personnel or licensed professionals under their guidance.

Summary of Services

Types of Services. Facilities Management services are divided into funded and chargeable activities.

Funded services are provided without charge and are supported through operating funds appropriated by the state legislature. Funded services include those for the operation, maintenance, and custodial cleaning of academic facilities, utilities, and grounds and generally include any item that is permanently attached, plumbed and/or wired to an academic facility.

Chargeable services are supported by direct charges to the customer requesting services. Examples of chargeable services include Departmental renovation of academic space, maintenance of University Residences, Viking Union, and repair of maintenance of moveable equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for requested services?
It depends! Within academic buildings, the operating budget covers all systems/equipment that is permanently attached, wired and plumbed to the facility. Specialized equipment and furnishings purchased by academic departments are funded by the department. Within University Residences, Wade King Student Rec Center, Viking Union, and auxiliary facilities, all maintenance and repair services are provided on a chargeback basis.

Does my project need design by an architect or engineer?
Typically, all remodel requests and any projects requiring a building, electrical, or fire department permit are routed to the Office of Facilities Design and Capital Budget (FDCB) for design services. FM works closely with FDCB to construct the project in accordance with the FDCB design. FDCB typically charges a separate fee for their design services. More information on FDCB can be found at

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Can I get an estimate to know whether I can afford the work?
Yes! You can request a preliminary cost range (PCR) through the service request. An FM representative will contact you to help define the scope of what you want and we will provide a ballpark estimate for your planning purposes. There is no charge for a PCR..

How are your labor rates derived?
The FM work force is made up of both billable trades people and administrative overhead that supports those trades. The hourly rate charged includes the cost of salaries and benefits of the actual laborer, plus an amount that covers labor costs of the shop supervisor, time keeping, the customer service desk, accounting, purchasing, and management. There is also an amount included to maintain, repair and replace general shop equipment including tools, computers, vehicles and non-billed materials.

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What cleaning services are provided by FM and when does your department have to pay for additional services?
FM’s web site contains a schedule of cleaning services by building and room for all academic spaces. In general, we clean public spaces, restrooms, classrooms and labs daily, and vacuum offices weekly. Occupants of private offices remove their own trash and recyclables to central locations in the building. For more details, please see:

How do I order keys?
An electronic request is submitted to the Lock Shop. The Lock Shop can be reached at 650-3687. Please note that the Lockshop is a separate department from Facilities. More info is available at:

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How can I be sure my Project will be completed on time?
Based on historical data and trends, as we approach the end of a fiscal year and a biennium, we typically see increases in project requests. Please allow at least 5 months from SUBMITTING project requests to best meet your desired completion dates. This includes 3 months for design (note: design is provided by FDCB, not FM), one month for estimating, and time for funding for large projects (like remodels of multiple offices). Of course the time is shorter for smaller sized projects. Example request submission dates for routine completion dates are:

End of Fiscal Year Deadline:   February 1st
Start of Fall Quarter Deadline:   May 1st
Winter Intercession:   August 1st
Spring Break:   November 1st

Emergencies and General Services

To report maintenance emergencies, building or ground problems, routine service needs or to request any information please call:

Monday – Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm
FM Work Control Center .......... 650‐3420
After Hours Maintenance Emergencies
University Police Department ... 650‐3555


Director – John Furman .... 650-3496
Asst. Director Facilities Maint. & Operations
Chris Brueske .... 650-2788
Asst. Director Financial & Business Services
Julie Larmore .... 650-2876
Asst. Dir. Operational Planning & Engineering
Bill Managan .... 650-3077
Customer Service Center Supervisor
Jamie Granger .... 650-3420

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Submit self-service requests at:

Self-service requests can be made for maintenance and custodial needs, facility alterations/remodels, installation/assembly/disassembly of office equipment, window treatments, shelving etc.

Monitor WWU notifications/shutdowns at:

Visit the FM website for additional information:

Facilities Management

For those of you who are new to requesting services from Facilities Management, there are any number of facilities related questions which you may have. Regardless of where you’ve come from, there are bound to be some aspects of our service organization which may be different than you are accustomed to. This booklet is intended to be quick reference guide – answering some frequently asked questions and helping to point you in the right direction.

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Guide to Services at Facilities Management

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