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Requesting Ordinary Maintenance Services

Maintenance Service Definitions - Use this link to understand the types of maintenance services to request.

Who pays for maintenance throughout campus? - Use this link to understand when the state pays for maintenance services versus the client.  See Campus Maintenance funding Authorities for an explanation of who has the authority to fund maintenance work on facilities, grounds and utilities throughout campus properties.

Options to Request Maintenance Services

During Normal Business Hours by Phone - 8am to 4:30pm, call the Work Control Center at 650-3420.


Emergency Repairs Outside of Normal Business Hours

Requesting Ordinary Maintenance Services After Working Hours:
For emergency repairs during evenings or weekends, call University Police dispatch at 650-3555. Click here for more information on reporting emergencies. A process is established to bring in any trades needed to minimize the impact of emergencies to the occupants/facilities and allow the majority of needed repairs to occur during the next work day. Where required a Facilities Maintenance employee will contact the impacted client and request a funded Work Request when the work is not pre-approved.

  • University Police Call-Back Process - University Police Dispatch follows call-back processes established by campus departments. For FM staff call-outs University Police Dispatch calls the Steam Plant to bring in FM staff to address facility, grounds and campus utility related problems.
  • FM Call-Back Process Through the Steam Plant - The Steam Plant uses the FM SP After Hours Emergency Call-Out List.  The FM SP After Hours Emergency Call-Out List is not attached since it contains home phone numbers.
    • FM SP After Hours Emergency Call-Out List - This list categorizes emergencies to allow the Steam Plant to quickly determine who to contact to address each emergency. The contacts are typically FM supervisors or above that have the authority to authorize overtime.  Those contacted utilize the FM Phone Tree until they reach a staff member that can respond. Once reached a call is made to both the Steam Plant and University Police Dispatch indicating who will be responding.
    • After Hours work within University Residence facilities - The responding FM staff is to contact the Residence Director (RD) Duty Number to inform the RD on duty at the start and end of work.
  • Steam Plant - Each morning the Steam Plant sends an email to FM supervisors and various facilities managers indicated each call-back and who responded.
  • Note:  This process does not guarantee that any staff can be reached that are required to resolve a problem including problems causing damage or problems to 24/7 critical and life safety systems.  There is no requirement FM responding staff have or answer their phone.  That said FM has historically always found staff to respond, but occasionally that response can take many hours.


Complete a Paper Maintenance Slip

  • For Academic Facilities Maintenance Services. (This includes services for Academic Facilities and the Archives Building.)
    • Complete a "Physical Plant Maintenance Repairs Request" form and leave it at designated academic pick-up locations. The forms are picked-up and reviewed on a daily basis. Our goal is to contact the requestor within 24 hours. If the funding for the requested work is not pre-approved someone from Facilities Maintenance will contact the requestor to submit a funded Work Request form to the Work Control Center. (See the "Renovation/Construction Services" and "Maintenance Services" Definitions).
  • For Auxiliary Facilities Maintenance Services.
    • Complete a "Maintenance Repairs Request for routine repairs - University Residences" form and leave it at designated auxiliary pick-up locations. The forms are picked-up and reviewed on a daily basis. Our goal is to contact the requestor within 24 hours. If the funding for the requested work is not pre-approved the request will be routed to the University Residences Facility Manager for funding consideration. (See the "Renovation/Construction Services" and "Maintenance Services" Definitions).
  • For the Wade King Recreation Center, Shannon Point Marine Center Facilities and Hannegan Environmental Center Facilities
    • Call the Work Control Center at 650-3420. In these areas there are dedicated and/or live-in maintenance personnel to address most ordinary maintenance services.


Submit an On-line FAMIS Self-Service Request

  • See FAMIS Self-Service portion of the FAMIS User Guide on how to use the self-service site.
    • The FAMIS Self-Service routing selections are the FAMIS Funding Authorities not where the work is being done.  If you are requesting work within an Academic State Funded Facility use the section below on who pays for maintenance throughout campus to understand which funding authority to route the request to.  When it is not clear select "Other".
  • All self-service requests are automatically routed as a FAMIS Service Request to the various FAMIS Funding Authorities throughout campus for review and a decision to fund or not.  Any Service Request the funding authority funds will become either a FAMIS Work Order or Project.  All Facilities Management crew work is accomplished on Work Orders or Projects not Service Request, i.e. the work must be funded before FM provides the service.
  • FAMIS Self-Service Request:  This link takes you directly to the FAMIS Self Service site to prepare the FAMIS Service Request and requires a log-in with your Western universal password.

Who pays for maintenance throughout campus?

Ordinary maintenance throughout campus is performed by Facilities Management crews and is supported through self-sustaining operating budgets or the state-funded operating budget. All self-sustaining service requests must be funded by the requestor prior to the work being performed. All state funded services are funded by the state. The breakdown between the two is:

Auxiliary (Self-sustaining) Maintenance: This includes all maintenance within auxiliary buildings and any maintenance within academic buildings not covered within state-funded maintenance described below.

Academic (State-funded) Maintenance: This includes all maintenance work for:

  • Academic buildings.  Within academic buildings, the operating budget basically covers all systems or equipment that is permanently attached, wired and plumbed to the facility (except for the below listed items). All exceptions, and other systems and/or equipment that are typically movable, are maintained through self-sustaining budgets.
  • All utilities to and including the first point of control within each building.
  • All grounds.

Academic Maintenance Exceptions: Maintenance on all of the following systems and/or equipment within academic facilities are considered self-sustaining maintenance.

  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED) maintenance, repair and replenishment
  • Bond Hall UPS System equipment
  • Computer lab security from room contacts to computers
  • Furniture and furniture panels - Department purchased
  • Hard wired departmental tools
  • Ice machines at Carver Gym
  • Laboratory
  • Laundry machines at Carver Gym
  • Library shelving
  • Media and audio-visual equipment (not including motorized projection screens)
  • Natural gas compressor
  • Specialized department equipment
  • Stage equipment
  • Telecommunication switch gear (PBX) and related UPS
  • Weight training equipment

Campus Maintenance Funding Authorities - See FAMIS Funding Authorities Report Date 11-07-12 for the funding authorities within FAMIS that review all FAMIS Self-Service requests for funding.

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