Utility Shutdowns

Latest Utility Shutdowns for 2015:

From 8 am on Monday, February 02 through
8 am on Monday, March 02.

Fine Arts (FI) - FM will be working on the renovation of the men’s and women's restrooms, FI 216 and 222 during the month of February. Restrooms 216 Men's and 222 Women's will be closed for renovation. Restrooms 103 and 105 on the first floor will be open. The Men's and Women's restrooms between rooms 116 and 130 will also be open as will the restrooms in the Art Annex.

Please address any questions or concerns to
Craig Evans at x3218.

From 8 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday, March 10.

Fairhaven Stack 12 - The Electricians will be pulling wire into an existing conduit that currently has the Elevator feeder wires for Fairhaven Stack 12. The wires for the elevator will have to be removed and re-pulled with the new wire in said existing conduit. The elevator in Fairhaven stack 12 will be out of service until it can be reconnected following the wire pull.

Please address any questions or concerns to
Fred Escher at x7508.

From 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on Tuesday, March 24.

Higginson Hall (HG) - The HG Domestic Hot Water Converter is to be shut off for control work. The steam valve is being replaced with new controls. There will be no hot water in the building for the majority of the day. Work hours only.

Please address any questions or concerns to
Glenn Huschka at x3741.

Scheduled System Shutdowns:
To shut down any major system, submit a "Request for Notification/ Shutdown Form" to the Work Control Center 21 days prior to the requested shut down. This allows adequate time for the Work Control Center to notify all occupants and concerned parties prior to shutdown.

Emergency Shutdowns:
During the course of ordinary maintenance and construction, emergency shutdowns will occur. The Work Control Center will notify occupants and concerned parties.

For more information about scheduled or emergency utility shutdowns contact the Work Control Center at 650-3420.


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