Utility Shutdowns

Latest Utility Shutdowns for 2015:

From 8 am on Tuesday, March 31 through
4:30 pm on Tuesday, September 08.

Ridgeway Kappa (RK) - RK fire system shutdown for Construction. Need existing FA system, Mass Notification, and monitoring disconnected from Ridgeway Kappa so that we can begin removing the devices 4/1/15. No impact to the customers, since Ridgeway Kappa building is starting construction on April 1, 2015.

Please address any questions or concerns to
John Treston at x6813.

From 8 am on Wednesday April 22 through
8 am on Wednesday May, 13.

Fine Arts (FI) - The Main Entry at FI 100C will closed for renovation from 8 am Wednesday April 22, 2015 through 8 am Wednesday May, 13, 2015. A temporary wall will be constructed so the existing doors can be removed and the new ones installed minimizing disruption to the rest of the building. The remaining entries and exits will remain open for access to the building during this work. When the FI 100C entry is complete, we will then move to the FI 100 entry and start renovations there. This will take approximately an additional week. Below is the floor plan to help visualize the location of FI 100c.

Please address any questions or concerns to
Craig Evans at x3218.

Fine Arts - Floor One

Scheduled System Shutdowns:
To shut down any major system, submit a "Request for Notification/ Shutdown Form" to the Work Control Center 21 days prior to the requested shut down. This allows adequate time for the Work Control Center to notify all occupants and concerned parties prior to shutdown.

Emergency Shutdowns:
During the course of ordinary maintenance and construction, emergency shutdowns will occur. The Work Control Center will notify occupants and concerned parties.

For more information about scheduled or emergency utility shutdowns contact the Work Control Center at 650-3420.


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