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Edens Hall

As an honors student you have the option of living in the Honors Cluster in the Edens Hall/Edens North Community. Living with other Honors students in this cluster:

  • Fosters a strong sense of community.
  • Provides a network of peers who have shared experiences both in hall and in the classroom.
  • Offers students unique opportunities for programs including community service, resume/cover letter workshops, and special access to campus programs (like visiting authors).
  • Connects students with leadership opportunities both in hall council and on the floor.
  • Develops connections with faculty in and outside the classroom.

Note: If you choose to pair up with a non-Honors roommate, you will be placed into the Edens North side of the Edens Community, and then moved to Edens Hall on a space available basis.

How to get into the honors cluster:

Simply indicate that as your first preference when you apply for housing. Click on this link to access the housing application: Application

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