Welcome to Western Washington University's Department of Journalism. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2011-2012. Our graduates can be found throughout the United States, writing and editing the news of the region, serving as public relations professionals in public and private organizations, working as photographers and mulitmedia specialists, and upholding the legacy of journalism.

Read our mission statement to learn more about our objectives.

Communications Facility

Journalism students may choose from three tracks of study: News-Editorial, Public Relations, or Visual Journalism. All tracks require basic writing courses and a supervised internship in addition to specific courses relating to the chosen track. While enrolled in a program, students are offered a number of learning opportunities including: working as writers, photographers or editors on three university publications, learning from industry professionals who frequently speak in classes, and working hands-on with community organizations to gain experience in their chosen fields.

Our Department is unique because:

  • We specialize in writing with award-winning publications.

  • We produce excellence in the basics of the English language.

  • We trace our roots in journalism principles from the Cato Letters to the best current technology in use.

  • We emphasize journalism as a craft that plays a significant political and cultural role in America.

  • We stress real-world applications of skills through internships.

  • We provide enough intellectual curiosity and challenge that alumni go on to graduate school or other professions.

  • We emphasize the role of readers as citizens who need to be informed to take part in a democratic society.

  • Despite the fact that we are getting bigger and bigger, we know students face-to-face and by first name. And they know us.
News and Events

Back2Bellingham is coming up soon! May 16-18!
Journalism will be holding a reunion on May 17 from 1-3 pm on the second floor of the Communications Facility buliding. We will be honoring the retirement of Professor Carolyn Dale. Have you registered as attending yet?
Back2Bellingham Registration

We are very close to endowing the Pete Steffens Native American Scholarship!

November 21st would be Pete Steffens's 89th birthday--please take the time to read this letter from his widow, Valerie Alia. She established the scholarship fund and has been working hard to raise enough money to make the endowment permanent and let Pete's legacy live on.

Every little bit helps! Here is a quick and easy way to donate to the scholarship or the journalism department. Thank you!

ATTN. JOB SEEKERS: Introducing a new way to search for journalism jobs! Visit our career resources page and use the job search widget to search for jobs and internships in your field.

2014 Alumni Newsletter

Additional software training for Journalism courses is available.
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