Practice Schedule

Judo practices are held at the following times:

  • Days: Monday & Wednesday
  • Time: 8-10pm
  • Location: Wade King Student Recreation Center, Fitness Room 201-B (Second Floor)
  • Practices are held during fall, winter and spring quarters

Interested beginners should show up in a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants or shorts during trial practices. Once beginner chooses to become a member, a Judo Gi will be required to wear at practices.

Practice Routine

  • Practices begin with warm-up drills with an emphasis on cardio-vascular training, followed by a variety of static and dynamic stretching.
  • Ukemi (Break falls) prepare members to learn proper falling techniques. In addition, Ukemi toughens the body to withstand the impact of falling when thrown.
  • The rest of the practice consists of pick-up drills, learning new throwing techniques, throwing drills and Randori (Free practice or sparring)
  • All members are required to support and encourage each other. Attending Sensei's will monitor the practices and often workout alongside beginners so that advanced advice and instruction can be given.

Directions to WWU and the Wade King Student Recreation Center

  • When approaching Bellingham from the north or south on Interstate 5, take Exit #252, marked Samish Way and WWU. Turn west onto Samish Way and follow the signs to Bill McDonald Parkway and the University campus.
  • The Student Recreation Center is located at the South End of WWU's campus at the intersection of Bill McDonald Parkway and West College Way.
  • A WWU campus map can be downloaded here:
  • Free parking is available after 5pm in the gravel "C" lots adjacent to the Student Recreation Center.
Page Updated 09.10.2014