Continental Judo Crown

November 2, 2013

There were 4 members of the Western Judo Club that participated in the Continental Judo Crown on Nov. 2 at the Highline Community College. Mike Sullivan and Ralph Bajema, instructors at the club competed in the tournament as well as Gary Gokey and Jacob Standaert.

Mike fought in the Senior Male Brown/Black belt +100Kg division and took 1st place with 2 wins. His single opponent in his division was first penalized with a loss after breaking a rule regarding the judo gi (uniform) rules. During their final bout Mike was well ahead of the game when the other player attempted a takedown throw grabbing the pant/leg below the belt which is a disqualification and match win for Mike. Mike also fought hard but did not place in the Open division that he entered after his regular competition.

Ralph entered the Masters Male -81Kg division with 2 other players. He did not have anyone in his age bracket but still chose to compete against other players 25yrs younger than him. And although he fought well against them they came out ahead at the end of those matches. He finished at 3rd place.

Gary entered the Senior Male Brown/Black belt -81Kg division. He finished with a 1win/2loss score. He performed an extremely well placed juji-gatame (cross arm lock) that forced the other player to submit by "tapping out" which gave Gary the Ippon (full point). His score put him on the podium with a 3rd place medal.

Jacob competed in the Senior Male Brown/Black belt -90Kg division. He had a round robin match-up against 4 other players. His win went extremely well with a nice right sided grip into a left sided Ippon Seio-nage for the Ippon.

2013 Rainier Cup

October 5, 2013

One member of the Western Judo Club was ready to participate in the Rainier Cup Judo Championships on Oct 5, 2013 at the Pacific Sports Center. Mike Sullivan, one of our instructors, made the trek down to the competition last Saturday.

Mike fought in the Senior Male Brown/Black belt Heavyweight division and took 2nd place with 2 wins and 1 loss in the round robin competition. His two Ippon throws (full point) were executed very well and he was able to end the matches quickly.

After all that he even entered the Rainier Cup Grand Championship trophy which allows all 1st and 2nd place winners to enter. This is an interesting matchup as there is no weight class for this single elimination bracket. Mike won his first match-up but was not able to win the second one which in this case that opponent went on to win the trophy.

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