About PSO

What is PSO?

WWU’s governance system, established by the Board of Trustees in 1978, consists of four constituency groups that represent the interests of their members and advise the President on issues of mutual concern. Professional staff are represented by the Professional Staff Organization (PSO), faculty by the UFWW (United Faculty of Western Washington), students by the Associated Students (AS), and classified staff by their appropriate union.

"Professional Staff" or "Pro Staff" are employees who are not an executive officer or academic administrator and are excluded from the classified personnel system established by the Washington Personnel Resource Board. All professional staff are members of PSO. Currently, there are over 300 members at Western. They provide essential organizational services to faculty, students, and classified staff in pursuit of Western’s educational objectives.

PSO's Mission

The mission of the Professional Staff Organization (PSO) is to represent the interests of professional staff of Western Washington University by:

  • promoting an active role for professional staff in University governance,
  • providing a voice in establishing University operating policies and procedures, and
  • representing professional staff in policies pertaining to professional staff personal and professional welfare.

What can PSO do for me?

As part of the governance structure, PSO can be an advocate for issues that you deem important, such as benefits and personnel management. PSO also provides input into the performance review process for the President of Western Washington University. If you have a job-related issue or conflict, the PSO Executive Committee can direct you to the appropriate University resources that are available to you. PSO provides numerous opportunities for professional staff to network through regularly scheduled general meetings and a PSO listserv. Staff can pose questions to all PSO members and receive information on current PSO activities. The leaders of the PSO are your fellow colleagues who volunteer their time to look after the interests of the membership. The PSO Handbook allows members reasonable time to serve in this manner, so get involved!

Page Updated 03.30.2016