Executive Committee

Committee Members

President, Pete Lockhart
Vice-President, Marlene Harlan
Secretary, Catherine Shornick

Business and Financial Affairs Rep, Bob Putich
Academic Affairs Rep, Chris Casquilho
Academic Affairs Rep, Pat Lundquist
Enrollment and Student Services Rep, Jenn Cook
Enrollment and Student Services Rep, vacant
President's Office/University Relations/University Advancement Rep, vacant
Minority Employees Council Rep, Debbie Gibbons
LGBT Advocacy Council Rep, Joanne DeMark
At-Large Rep, Max Bronsema

Past-President, April Markiewicz

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What are the Executive Committee's current activities?

The PSO Executive Committee has been currently working on the following activities:

  • Working on the PSO Compensation Review Plan.
  • PSO Climate Survey.
  • Reviewing and revising the PSO Handbook and Constitution.
  • Disseminating budget and planning information to professional staff.
  • Monitoring re-organization and layoff procedures for professional staff.
  • Planning for upcoming General Meetings for the membership.
  • Updating the PSO website and listserv.
  • Overseeing the activities of PSO Standing Committees and Work Groups*, including:
    • Salary and Benefits
    • Membership and Outreach
    • Legislative
    • Communication and Engagement
    • *PSO Elections Committee
    • *Complaint Appeals Committee (CAC)

PSO Climate Survey Results

The PSO Executive Committee conducted a climate survey of its membership in February 2014 to focus on a few specific topics, including work conditions, compensation/benefits, and PSO member services/representation. The goals and objectives of the survey were to:

  1. Identify questions and/or concerns the professional staff may have.
  2. If appropriate and feasible, have the PSO Executive Committee find solutions/answers to any concerns/questions identified and communicate them to the PSO membership.
  3. Use the results as a means to focus advocacy, raise awareness of resources available to professional staff, communicate policies, procedures, training, etc. mandated by the university that specifically affects professional staff, and provide a means by which the PSO Executive Committee can serve its members in a clearly defined leadership role.
  4. Provide specific information that can be utilized by the newly formed PSO Standing Committees to serve the PSO membership better.

PSO Climate Survey Results - Summarized in Pie Charts

PSO Climate Survey Results - Data and Graphs

PSO Compensation Review Plan

The PSO Executive Committee has been working in partnership with Human Resources to develop an objective compensation review plan, using best practices, that determines fair and equitable compensation for all PSO members. Plan attributes will include a fair and flexible process for sound compensation decisions, transparency and identifying appropriate compensation data resources.

Salary & Budget Info

The PSO Executive Committee is monitoring state and University salary and budget concerns and how it may impact members of PSO.

Budget Information:

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