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Community Service Day Opportunities

What can I do for PSO?

The leaders of the Professional Staff Organization are your fellow colleagues who volunteer their time to look after the interests of the membership. The PSO Handbook allows reasonable time for you to serve in this manner, so we encourage you to get involved by:

  • Serving as an officer or a representative from your University division on the PSO Executive Committee
  • Serving on one of our PSO Standing Committees
  • Volunteering to represent PSO on various University committees, such as Parking Appeals and UPRC
  • Attending PSO general meetings and participating in discussions

You can stay informed by monitoring the following websites:


PSO Award for Excellence

PSO employee awards, initiated by the Professional Staff Organization, are generously supported by President Bruce Shepard. Award recipients receive a certificate of recognition, an engraved paperweight, and her/his name added to the PSO Employee Excellence Award plaque housed in the Board of Trustees’ Room in Old Main.

The PSO Award for Excellence honors one professional staff employee who is recognized for one or more of the following qualities: Exceptional communicator with excellent interpersonal skills in the performance of her/his job duties to the benefit of faculty, staff and students; Exceptional level of integrity, professionalism and job performance that inspires excellence in others and contributes to Western's mission and values; Exhibits and encourages excellence in initiative, creativity and willingness to explore new ideas through work and interaction with others. Nominations are received in spring and the award is presented annually at Fall Convocation by President Bruce Shepard.

  • David Davidson (2013)
  • Dana Edward (2012)
  • Devlin O'Donnell (2011)
  • William Managan (2010)

Past PSO Award Recipients

The PSO Excellence in Service Award was retired in 2010 and awarded in recognition of an exceptional level of altruistic service to the University community.  Recipients have included the following PSO members:

  • Renee Roberts (2002)
  • Jim Tragesser (2003)
  • Gayle Shipley (2004)
  • Clara Capron (2005)
  • Linda Beckman (2006)
  • Rick Osen (2007)
  • Marilyn Johnson (2008)
  • No Nominations (2009)

The PSO Excellence in Job Performance Award was retired in 2010 and awarded in recognition of exemplary accomplishment in job performance. Recipients have included the following PSO members:

  • Elva Giddings (2008)
  • Ichi Pencil (2009)

The PSO Outstanding New Professional Staff Employee Award was retired in 2007 and awarded in recognition of outstanding accomplishments by a new professional staff employee. Recipients have included the following PSO members:

  • Megan Watt (2002)
  • Gary Roberts (2003)
  • Diana Cline (was Diana Scoles) (2004)
  • Susan Hoidal (2005)
  • No Nominations (2006)
  • Lara Welker (2007)

Community Involvement

PSO members are currently involved in the following community activities:

Watch for announcements about these and other activities on the PSO listserv.

Community Service Day Opportunities

Are you having a hard time deciding how to use your Community Service Day to make a positive change in our community? If so, we've identified the following existing opportunities.

Do you have an additional idea that you would like to share? Feel free to contact us, and we will gladly add it to the list.

Don't forget to fill out and submit a Department Leave Request form and select the Community Service Type to enable Human Resources to identify how we're utilizing this wonderful opportunity.

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