PSO Listserv


Thank you for your interest in the PSO listserv, an electronic forum for members of Western's Professional Staff Organization.

Here’s the listserv address*:

Please note that you are not automatically subcribed to the listserv when you become a PSO member. To subscribe to the listserv, call or e-mail the PSO Listserv Administrator, Paul Mueller (see contact information below).

Before you begin, we would like to remind you that the listserv was created for you to communicate in an open and efficient forum with others in our organization. To help keep this listserv positive and productive, here are a few suggestions and procedures to keep in mind while using this listserv:

Please remember that the listserv allows you to send messages to all listserv members, as well as to individuals. When viewing a message, you may use the e-mail REPLY or REPLY ALL function to send a response to the message you are reading. The REPLY function allows you to send a response only to the individual who authored the original message. The REPLY ALL function allows you to send your response to the entire listserv membership.

We would like to remind everyone that it is easy to have this efficient and open forum become burdened by messages best communicated privately to others. Please be prudent when considering whether your message should be sent privately or to all listserv members. Please do not hesitate to use the listserv and experiment a bit. If you send a message incorrectly as a new user, you will find that experienced list processor users are very accepting and forgiving (they became experienced by making their own mistakes!).

Some sample messages best sent privately to an individual include the following:

  • "Jane, are you up for racquet ball during lunch?"
  • "Howdy, Fred! Glad to see that you made it to the listserv!"
  • "Did you see that lunar eclipse today? Wow!"
  • "Me to" as a response to another message.

Situations where it is always appropriate to send a message to all of us include:

  • You wish to initiate a discussion related to our membership.
  • You are contributing to an on-going discussion by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings on a topic of discussion, or are articulating your reasons for a particular point of view.
  • You are requesting information from anyone involved in a similar situation as one you describe.
  • You wish to express appreciation to a group of members who assisted you.

A listserv is only as lively as the membership. We invite you to contribute to the discussions, to pose questions and problems concerning administrative exempt employee issues, and to post pertinent announcements. Remember that your remarks are more likely to be read if they are concise and well written.

You may cancel your membership at any time by sending mail to LISTPROC@LISTS.WWU.EDU with the following message:


On behalf of PSO and the Executive Committee, it is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to the listserv. Please join us as we help and encourage one another in our profession. As always, please contact me if we may be of assistance with any aspect of the listserv interactions.

Paul Mueller
PSO listserv Administrator
Environmental Studies 72, MS 9070
(360) 650-3065

Special thanks to Dr. Hal Caldwell, Ball State University, from whom the structure and basic content of this message was derived.

Page Updated 03.30.2016