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  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    Founded in 1889 for amateurs and professionals. Includes lots of educational activities. Also, an excellent newsletter for teachers.

  • Space Telescope Science Institute Hubble Space Telescope.
    A site for all those great high-res images of the cosmos. Expect something exciting here.

  • Constellations Chris Dolan's Home Page
    Chris has organized about everything you would ever want to know about constellations and their stars.

  • Native American Star Knowledge
    A site dedicated to aboriginal astronomy.

  • School of Starship Design Lunar Institute of Technology.
    Real Starships. You can join the project and engage in discussions about designs for space probes and vehicles that may someday carry our descendants to the stars. Great depth to this site.

  • Seven O Five Astronomers University of California at Berkeley.
    Multifaceted site with access to the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department and the Berkeley Space Sciences Group. Be sure and check out the Astro Dept. pages and links. The Space Sciences Group offers more in depth info and expanded links to internal departments and places not usually listed.

  • Star Atlas Exhibition Linda Hall Library.
    Beautiful images of early star atlases. Dont miss this exhibition. Many of the images are in full color and the site provides a tour of the exhibit as if you were actually there and walking through the library.

  • Art, History, Culture and Science Museums University of California at Berkeley.
    A huge listing of museums all over the world. It is broken up into subject areas including general science exhibits.

  • California Academy of Sciences Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, CA.
    A science center with everything from dolphins to dinosaurs. Includes a research department and links to other research resources.

  • Exploratorium Hands On Science The Palace of Fine Arts. San Francisco, CA.
    A museum of science with lots of on-line exhibits, e.g., Nagasaki, weather, extraterrestrial life, dissecting a cow's eye.

  • Pacific Science Center Seattle, WA.
    An amazing mind boggling place. Lots of on-line exhibits and information of classes, events, camps, Imax theater, etc. Plan on a couple days to explore it all.

  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Portland, OR.
    A site as varied as the real thing.
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