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  • NASA's hompage
    Just about anything you could want to know about the shuttle or our space program and its various missions. Text, images, sound and animations are online and freely downloadable. It would take weeks of exploring to see what is available. Pack a lunch and bring the kids.

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratories
    Links to all of the JPL sites. A great place to start if you are looking for info about missions to the planets.

  • Space Shuttle
    The Space Shuttle Missions. All about the vehicle, the support system, the astronauts, and the special mission reports.

  • Galileo
    The Jupiter space probe. This is the cutting edge of solar system exploration. The Galileo probe has spent years of research as it orbits the big planet amongst its moons.

  • Jupiter
    General info on Jupiter, designed for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Includes a "teacher's lounge" page with interesting classroom projects.

  • Solar System
    Welcome to the planets. This is a wonderful site. Tour the solar system and get some great views of the objects in our neighborhood. A collection of the best images JPL has to offer.
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