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When you schedule a special event for a private group, your hour-long presentation can be customized by choosing a live performance, one or more short videos, or a combination of live interaction and video. OR you can simply describe your group to us and let an experienced planeteer design a custom presentation for you!

NOTICE: The presentations listed below were for our decomissioned projector system. Our new presentations are being developed and will be listed soon. Contact a planetarium guide for more information on current programming.

Here are some of the pre-recorded video presentations we are currently offering.

We have special presentations for children under the age of 8, such as...
Wilbear's Adventure A little bear that wants to fly (21 min).
Field of the Heavens Ice fairies under a winter sky (8 min).
Fantastic Space Summertime fairies and the Milky Way (9 min).
Little Dog and Friends A "live" puppet show for toddlers (12 min).
Educators may want to consult this Instructional Vignette Program Guide.