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RL.Dietz RL has worked as a photo tech, professional photo printer, and managed several incarnations of a darkroom rental service. His background includes journeys through the Barrens, the extreme Canadian Arctic wilderness in 1972 & 1973.

Each of the two trips was about six weeks in length (the extent of the Arctic summer). Every day of both journeys was a "do or die" adventure (He did have several life-threatening experiences). Once the plane that brought him had departed, he was cut off from outside communication with a thousand miles of wilderness between him and his take out point. The only thing that could be done was to keep moving in order to stay on schedule. To do otherwise would mean being caught in freezing weather, blinding snow storms and a sure death from exposure.

RL returned from each adventure with altered sensibilities and timeless images of an alien landscape. Many of the images now decorate the sets of the television program Babylon 5.

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