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EDUC 108 – Purposeful Learning

EDUC 108 is a two-credit course designed to help college students understand the process of adult learning (also known as Andragogy) and be familiar with strategies that enhance student learning in a scholarly context so that they can become better prepared for academic success in a university setting. 

Throughout the course, students will gain a better understanding of themselves as learners, reflect on past educational experiences and plan for academic short-term and long-term future goals. 

Course Goals:  Upon completion of the class, students will:

  • Appreciate themselves as unique learners with individual learning styles
  • Utilize study strategies that are conductive to their individual learning styles
  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses related to academic success
  • Construct effective study skills to ensure success with academic tasks
  • Develop valuable time-management abilities to aid with planning and prioritizing
  • Be aware of available resources to assist and improve learning and academic success
  • Comprehend university policies and their importance to ensure continued academic success

Instructor permission is required to register for EDUC 108.

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