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Welcome to our community in Student Outreach Services.  We are professional academic advisors who are part of a shared educational process with our students.   Students and advisors partner to meet essential learning outcomes, to ensure academic success, and to outline steps for the achievement of personal, academic, and career goals.
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Preparation for your first year in college

Your first year at Western Washington Univeristy is critical in laying the groundwork for a successful college experience. Our unique first year programs help students quickly learn the ins and outs of academic and social life to promote an exciting and healthy college journey.

The SOS community is here to help students like YOU

Our network of resources includes:

  • Academic advising
  • Career assistance
  • College success seminars and workshops
  • Community, campus & cultural events
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Goal setting
  • Individualized success plans
  • Mentors
  • Study skills development
  • Student activities and leadership opportunities


Student Outreach Services is an integrative unit with the Ethnic Student Center and the LEADS Program.

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