Student Design Awards

Creative Quarterly 37
Anelese Webster: Visual Essay

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semi-Finalists
Kayla Blyton: Packaging
Jonathan Lacar: Packaging
Jesi Maakad, Ellie Toomb, Aly Hodges: Print
Kris Mendoza: Web & App Design(2x)
Brent Sandifer: Packaging
Shayne Smith: Packaging(2x), Web & App(2x)
Shayne Smith and Jeanée Vilja: Web & App Design

Western Washington Design

In support of the mission of Western Washington University and the College of Fine and Performing Arts, the Department of Design utilizes a curriculum that emphasizes the process of problem solving to direct students to make connections between culture and design and their role as responsible visual communicators. Students learn to combine personal expression and critical thinking as they create solutions that connect industry, individuals, and institutions to specific audiences and themselves to the world. Students develop adaptive learning strategies to sustain successful communication careers in a constantly changing world.

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