An illustration of a chartreuse hummer with the doors open Milk carton that has illustrations making the top look like a roof, with hand lettered 'Chirr' on the side Business card design with red asterisk and 'Mend, May 19-21' in dark gray font Small, single serving packages with the words individual spaghetti a small booklet opened with 'We spell it with only six' on one page and 'VIRTUO' on the facing page a dark red and white z-fold menu with small text brown on white coffee bag design with the words 'stkhlm blend' seed packet designed on brown paper with small square cutouts showing roots beer bottle design featuring gothic font black stripes on a white background with Holza in a bold sans serif font web page design featuring orange font on a white background, and black and white portraits of designers web design featuring a man in pink pants and a bright blue ski jacket floating in a room with instruments and a chess board, with the site's buttons floating haphazardly around him web design featuring a notebook grid background and neatly organized squares in a grid with thumbnails or blue and red text on a white background opens into a video an ipad app design with brightly colored sections opens to a video opens to a video opens to a video opens to a video opens to a video thin, handmade books with bold graphics in low contrast colors against bright backgrounds. 'forfun' appears on the bottom of each cover, and inside there are large numbers against patterned backdrops a brown cardstock book cover with the words 'finders keepers' in an upercase sans serif font a handmade book opened to a page with a graphically manipulated photo of a young boy collaged over a CS Lewis cquote, 'We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. Wea re far too easily pleased.' Different words in the quote are bolded, italicized, or capitalized. A book opened to a page with hands in an unusual shape, and the shadow of that shape on the facing page cut out from patterned paper A white handmade booklet with a bold red cursive L set perpendicular to 'laruen wallace' and the words 'design production, graphic design' below. The booklet sets on top of a grid polka dotted envelope a paint swatch style booklet, that spreads open to reveal a number of bold graphic designs featuring various hues arranged in roygbiv style. Most designs have black text on top of the color graphic background. a booklet featuring a thick, cream cardstock and the word 'chicken' in different shades of light brown, abstracted with unusual letter placement and different fonts for each letter. The booklet sets on top of a bright red transparent envelope. A record cover that has 'v8l' in a red circle surrounded by textured, radiating black lines reminiscent of a vinyl records texture a booklet opened to a page featuring a modern vector illustration style with a distinct 60s aesthetic. The illsustration features two men in suits playing a guitar and a saxophone, while a woman sits at a bar with a martini and a bartender in an argyle sweater looks on. a booklet opened to a photograph of a metal sided building with an orange and blue artistic filter applied