The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design is the professional degree option for students admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Design. The BFA degree option is a highly competitive degree limited to a maximum of 12 students per year. Courses in the senior year focus on the integration of graphic, production and digital media design in the solution of visual communication problems. Students are awarded a paid summer internship at various regional design firms. They also participate in workshops with industry professionals and work with real clients throughout the school year.

WWU Design BFA



The Bachelor of Arts in Design identifies design as the visual communication of ideas. The program utilizes a curriculum that emphasizes the process of problem solving and encourages students to make connections between culture and design, and their role as visual communicators. Students learn to combine personal expression and critical thinking as they create solutions that connect industry to an audience and themselves to the world.

Annually the senior class has an open portfolio exhibition that celebrates their completion of the design program and demonstrates their best work. You can find the online portfolios of the current seniors at:

Click here to see BA portfolios and Senior Show