Emergency Plan & Evacuation

Western Washington University works to provide an environment that is healthy and safe for all individuals, including people with disabilities, through the implementation of the University's strategic plan and the service of the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Developing a Plan

Whether you are in a classroom or work in an office on campus, each department and building has procedures to follow in an emergency. A person with a disability may require assistance in an emergency, so it is important to identify a plan of action. Western Washington University's Emergency Evacuation Guide for People with Disabilities provides information about how to start and implement a plan. In addition, the Environmental Health and Safety office also has published procedures and forms in the Safety Information Book that assists users in establishing and following an emergency plan.


A variety of federal and state agencies provide additional online emergency resources for people with disabilities, their families, peers, and co-workers, regarding emergency preparedness.

Page Updated 11.22.2017