Academic Grievances

Students have protection, through orderly procedures, against arbitrary or capricious actions or decisions by their instructors. Students also have protection against erroneous actions or decisions by academic units. At the same time, students are responsible for achieving and maintaining the standards of academic performance and excellence established by their instructors, as well as for complying with all relevant policies, standards, rules, and requirements formulated by the university.

A student wishing to pursue an academic grievance or appeal must use the established procedures. The emphasis of the grievance policy and procedures is on informal resolution. Grievances which involve hearings before the Student Academic Grievance Board should be rare.

Students who do not meet the deadlines given in the procedures shall be deemed to have waived their right to appeal. If any officer of the University or the Board fails to meet the deadlines established, the student may continue to the next level in the procedures. The deadlines are set to provide a rapid resolution of the grievance. However, unforeseen circumstances such as illness or absence from the campus may result in an extension of a deadline. Such extensions shall be recorded in writing by the unit head, dean, or secretary to the Board, as appropriate.

For the Academic Grievance and Appeal Policy and Procedures, see Appendix F [67kb PDF] in the WWU Catalog, or contact the Office of Student Life.

For appeal of an instructor's decision on Academic Honesty, see Appendix D in the WWU Catalog.

Page Updated 09.16.2015