Academic Accommodations

Audio Recording

Western students who qualify for the disability-related accommodation for an audio recorder for classroom purposes must understand, and abide by, the following:

-The purpose of the audio recorder is to ensure equitable access to course content through auditory means for a student with a relevant disability.

-These recordings are for personal educational use only. They may not be posted online, shared with other students, or otherwise distributed without explicit, written permission from the instructor. This permission should include the parameters under which the recording may be posted and/or distributed.

-Audio recordings are designed to enhance access to course content. Therefore, at the end of the quarter at the course’s completion, all recordings must be deleted. Failure to do so may result in revocation of the accommodation and/or other penalties.

-Faculty may request that content of a confidential nature not be recorded by the student.

-Faculty who are presented with the information that a student will be recording lectures may make an anonymous announcement to other students. At no point should the student’s privacy or comfort be compromised.

-Audio recorded lecture is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and must not be published.


Page Updated 11.22.2017