Academic Accommodations

Flexibility with Deadlines

disAbility Resources for Students (DRS) encourages students to meet deadlines for assigned coursework. Faculty should establish policies for submission of assignments, including late work, and identify those policies in the syllabus. If a student has a disability that impacts their ability to meet assignment deadlines, a flexibility with assignment deadlines accommodation may be granted by DRS. There are many reasons a disability may impact a student’s ability to meet assignment deadlines, ranging from episodic health complications to required travel and medical appointments to manage ongoing treatment and/or care.

If an extension on a deadline is needed, the student must work with the faculty to proactively to determine a reasonable extension for the assignment. If a student requires an extension for disability-related reasons, we recommend that they contact faculty before the stated assignment deadline to discuss an alternative submission date. If a student has questions or concerns about extending a deadline for disability-related reasons, they should seek advising from their disAbility Management and Accommodation Counselor. Faculty with questions or concerns regarding deadline extensions should contact DRS.

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Page Updated 11.22.2017