Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must originate from an appropriate practitioner (person who has completed a course of study that is specific to his or her diagnostic expertise or who is state-licensed or certified when licensing or certification processes existed for that field).

Documentation must be dated, printed or writen on letterhead, and signed.

Documentation must be complete; DRS will not accept documentation with missing pages.

Disability Documentation:

  • Verifies the existence of the disability;
  • Discusses the functional limitation;
  • Describes the effect of the disability has on the individual’s ability to access the educational process.

Depending on the age of the documentation, the type of disability, and the accommodations requested, DRS may ask a student for updated documentation. Our office is not able to update documentation or diagnoses, but we are able to provide referrals to practitioners in the Bellingham area.

If you have questions about our documentation guidelines, please contact us.

Page Updated 11.22.2017