Housing Accommodations

General Accommodations

Students who are planning to live in the University Residences may request disability-based housing accommodations. In order to begin this process:

  • Please check the box for disability accommodations on the housing application.
  • Send or fax a copy of disability documentation to DRS.
  • Schedule a Needs Assessment appointment with a DRS counselor to discuss the particulars of the housing accommodation request. We are able to take phone appointments.

Emotional Support Animals

Students requesting emotional support animals in University Residences must schedule a needs assessment with DRS and provide documentation which addresses the following:

  • Disability diagnosis
  • The necessity of the animal to afford the student with a disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling
  • Identification of a relationship between the disability and the assistance or support the animal provides


University Residences Residential Community Standards

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Page Updated 11.22.2017