Needs Assessment

When a qualified WWU student with a disability requests accommodations from DRS, we refer to this process as a Needs Assessment. Through the Needs Assessment, we intend to accomplish three goals:

  1. Review the student’s medical or disability documentation which qualifies the student for reasonable disability accommodations.
  2. Learn more about the student’s academic history, including strengths and challenges.
  3. Partner with the student to determine available accommodations and begin those subsequent accommodation processes.

Setting up a Needs Assessment is simple. You may contact our office to schedule a needs assessment. You may submit qualifying medical or disability documentation ahead of time or bring it with you to your appointment. If you are unsure of how to access your medical or disability records, a DRS counselor can assist you with a Release of Information Form. If you are seeking a disability or medical evaluation, DRS can provide you with referral information. Please visit with a DRS counselor if you have questions about referrals.



Page Updated 11.22.2017