WesternOnline Development

Extended Education works with faculty, departments, and colleges on online development and instruction initiatives to bring high quality educational opportunities to students in Washington and around the globe.

Development Flow Chart: Faculty Member’s Role to Department's Role to College's Role to Extended Education's Role

Extended Education Serves the Following Functions for Academic Year Self-Sustaining Offerings

  • Initiates Preliminary Authorization to Develop (online courses only) with contract/compensation details
  • Provides faculty support in converting curriculum from F2F to online delivery format
  • Handles AYSS Banner course set-up, including unique fiscal coding details
  • Fields all inquiries to inform students of the AYSS tuition details
  • Works with Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office and Student Accounts re: any related student issues
  • Coordinates detailed e-confirmation that goes out to students who do register via Web4U (online courses only); this includes information about ordering required textbooks online, accessing Western's learning management system and distance library resources
  • Coordinates fiscal and contracting details including faculty contract and payroll
  • Initiates and routes contract and/or H.R. paperwork as required
  • Reconciles tuition revenue and coordinates net revenue share model with college

Academic Department Responsibilities

  • Verifies Dean’s and departmental committee's support of AYSS offerings
  • Authorizes course offerings
  • Approves faculty and curriculum
  • Answers any curricular questions that may arise
  • If new course, then follows college/institutional procedures for course approval
  • Requests and reviews faculty course evaluations according to college policies and procedures

For Additional Details on Planning and Scheduling

Please refer to the Planning and Scheduling Webpage.

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