Academic Year Self-Sustaining Planning and Scheduling Process

Planning Contact Information

Jenny Hebert, | Face-to-Face Self-Sustaining Courses | 360-650-7780
Andrew Blick, | Online and Hybrid Self-Sustaining Courses | 360-650-2841

Extended Education

  • Completes and attaches planning document with course offerings based on conversations with the Program/Department and data-driven analysis
  • Initiates eForm


  • Reviews course offerings, makes adjustments and additions, as necessary
  • Appoints faculty, enters faculty salary and pay type (If NTT faculty, dept. initiates NTT faculty hire request form and routes to Extended Ed)
  • If the department is unable to locate a faculty for a specific section, the chair should consult with Extended Education to identify and/or recruit additional candidates for the department’s vacancy pool for consideration. Department may be able to make an appointment from among additional candidates
  • Enters section minimum/maximum enrollment and course fee, if applicable
  • Communicates details related to appointments and course scheduling with faculty
  • For Face-to-Face courses – enters class dates and times, secures classroom(s) (if applicable, enters expenses for classrooms into planning document under “other expenses”)

College/Dean’s Office

  • Reviews completed planning document as forwarded department
  • Confirms faculty, salary, and pay details
  • Approves planning document

Extended Education

  • Reviews information received from department/dean’s office
  • Provides course set-up in Banner, including unique fiscal coding details
  • Initiates and routes contract and/or H.R. paperwork as required
  • Initiates contracts and routes to department
  • Initiates P.A. form
  • Reconciles tuition revenue and coordinates net revenue share model with college

Useful Links and Forms

Page Updated 12.18.2013