Textbooks for Online Courses

The WWU Bookstore has a price comparison website that will compare the price for your textbook against various online retailers (Amazon, Alibris, etc.).
As you are conducting your price comparison, here are a few helpful guidelines and directions:

  1. Select a term in the “Term Name” Column.
  2. Select your “Department” and “Course.”
  3. Be sure to select the correct CRN and Instructor for your course, as there are various sections of courses that use different textbooks.  This will add your course to your “Course List” you may continue adding courses, including other online and on-campus courses.
  4. When you have finished select “Compare Prices On These Course Materials.”
  5. Image of VerbaCompare - WWU Bookstore

  6. This will bring you to a list of your courses and a texts:
  7. Image of VerbaCompare - WWU Bookstore

  8. Pay attention to the shipping dates, many websites will allow you to pay extra to receive your textbook in a more timely fashion.  It is your responsibility to acquire your textbook(s).
  9. If you are unsure of the edition of your text, please verify the syllabus and contact your instructor.
Page Updated 12.18.2013