About A.L.L.

A.L.L. began life in 1998 as the Institute for Learning in Retirement, an offshoot of Elderhostel (now called Exploritas) and the Elderhostel Institute Network. Within a year we had become the Academy for Lifelong Learning. Our mission is to offer short, college-level courses and other education events—without homework, tests or credit. 

Though hosted and administered by Western Washington University, A.L.L. is 100% member-driven and supported by membership dues and program fees. Our content is produced by volunteers who devise courses, excursions and other programs; recruit instructors from a diverse pool of WWU faculty, faculty emeritus, and experts in various fields and professions; and plan events. Policy is set by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. 

Programs include traditional liberal arts and sciences topics with an emphasis on interdisciplinary exploration, utilizing formats that encourage discussion and exchange of knowledge. Programs are open to all interested adults, regardless of age or educational background.

In short, A.L.L. offers adults a diverse spectrum of academic and cultural programming inspired by this belief: A curious mind never retires.