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Curriculum Committee

The A.L.L. Curriculum Committee (also known as "Curcom") is a group of volunteers that plan and run our classroom programs. The committee meets regularly in the fall and spring to create a catalog of courses for the following term. Course ideas come many sources including members of the committee, suggestions from course evaluation forms and individuals offering to teach a class.

Committee members work closely with potential and returning instructors to bring course proposals to the committee for approval and then continue on as the Course Producer or Assistant. Their responsibilities include coordinating room setup and equipment arrangements, introducing the instructor at the beginning of the class and collecting feedback at the end of the class on evaluation forms.

If you have an idea for a class you would like to teach, please complete and submit an A.L.L. Course Proposal form. If you have ideas for a future class that you would like A.L.L. to offer or would like more information about the Curriculum Committee, please contact Carol Pemberton at: c.pembert@hotmail.com

A.L.L. 2014-2015 Curriculum Committee

  • Carol Pemberton, Chair
  • Adam Moles
  • Beverly Jacobs
  • Carol Rice
  • Gail Garman
  • Shirley Forslof
  • Karen McGuinness
  • Marty Haines