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Excursion Committee

The A.L.L. Excursion Committee is a group of volunteers that plan and run our excursion events. The committee meets regularly in the fall and spring to create a group of travel events for the following term. Over the years, the Excursion Committee has planned many trips to cultural events like concerts, plays and operas. It has also offered trips to museums, nature preserves, gardens and many of other destinations across Northwest Washington and British Columbia.

When an A.L.L. excursion is scheduled, members of the committee will volunteer as Trip Leaders. Their responsibilities include coordinating plans with guides and drivers, checking-in participants, informing the group of arrival and departure timing, and collecting feedback at the end of the trip on evaulation forms.

If you have ideas for a future excursion that you would like A.L.L. to offer or would like more information about the Excursion Committee, please contact Ginette Lisbonne-Young at: ginettelisbonne@comcast.net

A.L.L. 2014-2015 Excursion Committee

  • Ginette Lisbonne-Young, Co-Chair
  • Yvonne Dean , Co-Chair
  • Monika Ackerman
  • Mary Sadler
  • Ariel Lennon
  • Kathleen Bigney