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 Academy for Lifelong Learning offers you opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Photo of recent outing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I join the Academy for Lifelong Learning?

  • To participate in courses, excursions, and social events emphasizing academic and cultural programming
  • To enjoy presentations from current and emeritus professors
  • To learn from community professionals with specialized knowledge
  • To discover unique and thought provoking topics
  • To engage with spirited adults who seek intellectual and social enrichment

Where can I get a catalog?

Catalogs are available at the downtown Bellingham Library, and other locations within Whatcom County. The full listing of where catalogs are available is listed on the front page of our website. Or contact us at AcadLL@wwu.edu to have a catalog mailed to you.

Where are the classes held?

Refer to the Course Locations page in the back of the catalog for location information, or here on our website on the Resources page, which has links to google maps. Details along with special parking instructions are also provided in confirmation letters that are sent to participants approximately 1 week before a course or excursion start date, once registration closes.

I registered for a class but now I can’t go; what are my options?

Please contact our office via email (AcadLL@wwu.edu) or phone (360-650-4970) no later than 2 days before the course start date to receive a credit for the class, which you can apply towards another class or excursion at a later date. Credits must be used no later than June 15. Credits are not issued within the 2 day window before a course starts, or thereafter unless you have a documented emergency, but you can seek someone else to replace your spot. Refunds are only issued if A.L.L. has to cancel a class. To have someone take your place, please notify us of the change as soon as possible so we can update our class roster (reimbursement arrangements at this juncture are between you and your replacement).

I registered for an excursion but now I can’t go; what are my options?

There are no credits or refunds issued for excursions due to the invested cost for group transportation and other pre-made event arrangements. You can seek someone to replace your spot – please notify A.L.L. of your replacement as soon as possible so we can be sure they receive event-related notices. Reimbursement arrangements are between you and your replacement.

I want to teach a class; how do I submit a proposal?

The proposal form is on our website, www.wwu.edu/all under the Resources tab. It’s the first link on the Resources page. You can also contact our Curriculum Chair, Carol Pemberton at c.pembert@hotmail.com or call contact the A.L.L. office at 360-650-4970 / AcadLL@wwu.edu should you have additional questions or need assistance with the process. A resume/CV should be emailed to either contact listed here after submitting your proposal.

I found an inconsistency in the schedule for one of the programs; who should I contact?

Please contact the A.L.L. office as soon as possible, via phone or email.

What does an A.L.L. membership get me?

Refer to the inside front page of the catalog or online at www.wwu.edu/all and click on the Membership tab; we have discounts and privileges through WWU and at Village Books.

How do I get on the A.L.L. mailing list?

Email us your contact information that you want us to use (including preference to email or US mail or both), or click on the “Newsletter Signup” icon on the home page of our website: www.wwu.edu/all and complete the form.

I have a complaint or suggestion; who should I talk to?

We welcome your input - you can contact the A.L.L. Program Administrator directly to discuss complaints by sending an email to AcadLL@wwu.edu or calling our phone number 360-650-497; let our assistant know you’d like to speak with the Program Administrator. If your input is pertinent to a particular course, excursion or event, you are encouraged to leave your feedback in the evaluation that is sent at the conclusion of each program. These evaluations are very valuable to us; we review them consistently as they help shape our programming and goals.

How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader for opening a pdf?

If you are experiencing trouble viewing a pdf you may need to download the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Get Adobe Acrobat  click here to download Adobe Reader