A.L.L. Acedemy for Lifelong Learning

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 Academy for Lifelong Learning offers you opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Photo of recent outing


margaret woll

"As a founding member of A.L.L., I have been involved in many activities related to the growth of the organization. Perhaps the most pleasurable activity was serving on the Excursion Committee where I interacted with a group of diverse, enthusiastic individuals who shared their ideas for future events." ~Margaret Woll

Dale Rings

"I enjoy the wide breadth of course offerings. When the catalog comes out I find there are courses offered that I didn't even know I'd have an interest in. The structure of ALL courses, being from one two-hour session, up to six weeks of two- hour weekly sessions is very convenient for those that don't want to be tied to a semester or quarter system. The quality of course presenters is very high. Some are university professors, present or emeritus, and others have deep knowledge of particularly interesting subjects. I value what ALL has to offer to the community and consider it a very worthwhile use of my volunteer time." ~Dale Rings, ALL Member since 2001

john woll

"I've been a member of A.L.L. since 2000 and have enjoyed many good classes and trips plus a few that were so-so. What I like best, however, is the chance to make good friends and to interact with interesting persons I would otherwise have missed." ~John Woll

Keats Garmin

"I most enjoy the intellectual stimulation provided by ALL faculty who are well-versed and excited by their topic. Many presenters truly enjoy teaching to people who have life experiences and diversity of perspectives that they bring to the classes. I find ALL to provide a real benefit to the community, and especially to retired folks who have recently moved to the Bellingham area, and who are seeking to continue their learning and broaden their understanding of the world." ~Keats Garman, ALL Member since 2001

becky pollai

"A.L.L. has it all! It offers outstanding opportunities for learning across a broad range of study, enjoying excursions to cultural events, volunteering to support an excellent organization, and social stimulation amongst wonderful people who share those values." ~Becky Pilai, May 2010

ken lennon

"After WWU and graduate studies at the University of Hawaii and a short stint of actual work for NASA we chose to return to Gwen's hometown. We quickly discovered A.L.L. and its need for a luncheon coordinator-thank you Caroline Yaude for the inspiration. My involvement with the curriculum committee has granted me a rewarding activity and many friends. Thank you to the Goldens for all the pioneering effort you put into this program."
~Ken Lennon

Donna Rochon

"I like to take A.L.L. classes because it is exciting and fun to learn something new." ~Donna Rochon, ALL Member since 2002

Barbara Evans

"Twelve years ago it was exciting to be a part of the steering committee that was planning an organization that would provide educational opportunities for our community and then to be a part of the first A.L.L. Board of Directors. Now it is even more rewarding to be part of A.L.L. again and to see how it has grown into an even more vibrant and exciting organization that continues to look toward the future and for ways to make A.L.L. even better." ~Barb Evans

Chuck McGroddy

"It was our first venture in our new state beyond the I-5 corridor and sparked a continuing interest in the geography, geology, history, culture and people of the northwest. We have enjoyed a wide variety of trips and classes devoted to subjects ranging from volcanoes to sea birds to Russian history to American literature. Equally important have been the new friends ~ Chuck McGroddy