Innovation Engineering

Transform Innovation from a Random Art into a Reliable System

Are you tired of...

              • Endless cost cutting
              • Reacting only to the next crisis
              • Working hard but getting nowhere

Innovation Engineering can help you make your work fun again and focus on making progress on your most important goals.  Here’s how we do it.

The Old Way

We try to hire “innovative” people because we treat innovation as if it is some sort of personality trait.  It’s understandable because there is some truth to the fact that we all have a baseline of creativity with some being more creative naturally and some being less so.  Unfortunately the best person to do a job isn’t always the one who is naturally the most innovative.  How can we overcome this problem?

The New Way

Innovation isn’t a personality trait, it’s a skill.  We can teach people and organizations how to be more innovative.  That is what Innovation Engineering is all about; transforming innovation from being personality driven into a disciplined system that we can execute over and over again.  The result is increased speed of innovation with decreased risk.

The Importance

We have amazing opportunities to pursue and difficult challenges to face which only innovative thinking can help solve.  The survival of an entire business, organization or nonprofit may depend on the ability of its leadership and employees to work together to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.


Innovation Engineering is designed to help professionals like you develop the knowledge, skills and ability to implement a systematic approach to innovation in your work and organization.  Applying the systematic approach to Innovation that Innovation Engineering offers to your everyday work will help you increase the speed of innovation and decrease risk.

Innovation Engineering Overview Video

Page Updated 01.14.2016